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Denis Aguera, guitariste chanteur harmoniciste

Guitarist, singer and harmonica player, I present a solo show where I use my multi-musical ability to perform a repertoire flavoured by Blues and Jazz.
Thanks to a live recording system I can play several instruments on the same track superimposing different layers to create a richer sound. I start by recording the rhythmic guitar then the base, this allows me to then play the lead guitar, harmonica and sing to develop the soundtrack. I leave an important place open for guitar improvisation in my performances.
I’ve adapted covers of music from Georges Benson to Charles Trenet including Django Reinhardt, John Lee Hooker, Serg Gainsbourg and many more. These covers are interpretations to which I add colour, humour and a personal rendition, which means the shows are always different.
 “AGUERAMASS” is a duo I formed with the Double Bass player François Masse, we also play in a trio with Drummer Didier Roullin.
I’m available for performances and your musical projects, don’t hesitate to contact me…..